Tax Cuts for the Wealthy are Obscene

Dear Senator Johnson,

Once again, I am outside your office, standing on your front steps, with a sign. This one says: “Tax Cuts for the Wealthy are Obscene”.

That sums up the horror of the bill you are trying to make even worse than it already is. Taking money away from the current and future poor plus borrowing from your children and grandchildren to do it, is truly gross.

As you know, most of the benefits of this bill immediately go to the richest people in the world. Many are not even Americans. It won’t stimulate the economy and is more likely to cause an economic depression. Shameful isn’t strong enough. Maybe “Obscene” isn’t either.
You and your fellow Republicans are also systematically dismantling of every shred of decency in America. I keep expecting to see a new headline like, “former Ku Klux Klan leader named to head Civil Rights Division.” We now have a billionaire Wall Street Banker heading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Wells Fargo and other big banks caught red-handed cheating voters must be thrilled

The U.S. State Department is being run into the ground by a former Exxon Executive who, like the President, is qualified only by being a friend of our long time communist enemy and KGB agent, Vladimir Putin.

Similarly, the new head of the agency in charge of distributing birth control funds across the nation is a staunch opponent of birth control. And Public Education has been handed over to a billionaire champion of private education.

The Environmental Protection Agency is headed by a pro industry opponent of environmental protection who wants to see the agency go out of business.

Who among those working men and women in Wisconsin would have thought voting for you meant voting for a new era of rampant greed on Wall Street worse than the last one that nearly destroyed our economy. Or that you would take away their clean air, clean water, public education and consumer financial protection while enriching further the top 1%. By the time they realize they have been lied to again, you will be retired. To borrow the words of Mick Mulvaney, the Wall Street billionaire who is the U.S. Budget Director, and now head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, our government has become “a sad sick joke.”

Please continue to oppose this bill to increase the Deficit by Trillions and bankrupt our country. Even though your opposition is rooted in being even being more greedy than your fellow Republican Senators, you would be doing what is best for America by not supporting disastrous bill.