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Recent Activities
Canvassing Team

Neenah Dems canvassing team: myself (Penny), Audrey, Kat Craney (Field Organizer for the Coordinated Campaign), and Greg.

We knocked out two packets and walked the neighborhood near Neenah High School. Here we are at the Neenah Labor Temple showing the ‘lit’ we handed out at the doors.

Mass Protests

On July 30th there were mass protests against our Immigration Policy around the Nation and throughout the world.  Here, in Appleton, Wisconsin at the Houdini Square was no exception. There were rallying cries and candidates spoke with passion.   Separating children from their parents is shameful.
Neenah, Wisconsin Dems at work!

1. VOTE!
This is Penny’s favorite. This sign says it all: “VOTE – Democratic Vote – 2018” !

2. Trump Baby
Week # 78 of standing On the Curb in Oshkosh protesting this administrations’ policies in front of Senator Ron Johnson’s office. We begin at his office and walk to the Sundial Square. In the year and half we have been doing this we have never seen nor heard from the Senator.

3. Group Picture
The Neenah, Wisconsin Dems are a small, but powerful group of committed Democrats. We meet once a month and plan phone banking, canvassing, protests, letter writing and more. We are positive and pro-active. This photo is from our July 10th meeting. Wisconsin has an important primary election coming up on August 14th, so we are working on voter registration and getting out the vote.

Women’s March 2018 – Sacramento
Not one Penny More!!
Corn Roasts

Jerry enjoying roasted sweet corn – Democratic County annual summer corn roasts are a Wisconsin tradition. Rebecca Dallet, Supreme Court candidate, addressing the crowd.
We have heard her speak several times and are giving her our support.

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s Oshkosh Office

Every Tuesday at noon finds us on the steps of U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s Oshkosh Office. From there we walk to Sun Dial Square to protest his policies. Most recently, after the horrific shooting in Las Vegas, we staged a ‘die in’ – reading the name of each victim and ringing a bell.
This is known as “The Tuesday Group”. This group has protested every week for forty weeks. It has received local TV and press coverage. The main focus has been on healthcare; but depending on the topic the group also brings signs for DACA, Immigration, Gun Control, Climate Change, Peace not War, and Fair Taxes. A strong committed group, led by Lisa Hanson who is the young woman with pink hair, often in a wheel chair or walker. She’s been there every week! Since January – no matter the Wisconsin weather. We joined in when we arrived in May.

Josh Kaul Event

Josh Kaul is running for State Attorney General in Wisconsin. We hosted a ‘meet and greet’ on September 10th. The Wisconsin ‘weather gods’ were with us. Friends, family and neighbors joined us to hear Josh speak. He’s a strong, well qualified candidate.

We protest against Corporate Greed

The recent Foxconn Deal is a bad deal for Wisconsin. It will saddle the state with 3 Billion in payback to Foxconn (a Taiwanese Company) with hollow promises of future jobs for Wisconsin workers. Amanda Stuck, our State Representative led the charge against approval of this deal; as Governor Walker pushed it through.

Summer Summit for Public Education

Penny attended the Summer Summit for Public Education. There she heard and met with Tony Evers, State Superintendent for Public Education. He has since tossed his hat in the ring and is a candidate for Governor running against Scott Walker.

Tammy Baldwin

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin. She not only stands for our Democratic values, she is gracious and articulate. We met Tammy at a recent fund raiser and had an opportunity to chat with her, hear her speak and ask questions.

Labor Day

Labor Day: – parade – brats/beer – Labor Unions. Until recently Wisconsin was a Blue State supported by strong, active Labor Unions.

Pink on the Curb

We meet each week on Wisconsin Avenue in Appleton, Wisconsin in front of the Planned Parenthood Clinic for “Pink On the Curb”. We all wear pink, bring our signs and support. We stand for a Woman’s Right to Choose, for women and family health; and for every child to be a wanted child. This effort is led by a clergyman, John Fease and his wife, Barb. The organizing, the t-shirts, vests, and large banners are courtesy of John.

There are paid anti-protesters, who babble at us and pray for us. Our protest is non-violent with smiles and waves to the drivers as cars drive by. We always receive many thumbs up and supportive ‘honks’.

Over the summer and fall we have been joined by friends and family and have made new friends ‘on the curb’. It is a strong, dedicated group who suit up and show up – no mind the Wisconsin weather.

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