The Bell is Tolling for America’s Democracy

We are running out of time for Joe Manchin, and Krysten Sinema to recognize their goal of trying to seek bi-partisan solutions is not shared by their Republican friends. The sound of one hand clapping is silence and failure to face reality. The Republicans are not negotiating in anything remotely like good faith. They continue to pedal the Big Lie while their state Legislatures rush to pass new laws undermining voting rights. Under some of the new laws honest election results can be overturned on unproven claims of fraud. Thus, if they cannot win fairly, the results can be changed, as Trump wanted and still does. This is not democracy.

Democracy in American bloomed in 2020 with the largest turnout of voters in American history. Manchin’s and Sinema’s support of the filibuster fails to recognize the right to vote may not be around for many in 2022 unless they get off the fence and protect it. They are not up for election in 2022, so perhaps they can wait. America can’t. The rest of us deserve better.

The only way the Senate can pass a fair voting act and sweep away Trump inspired state voter suppression bills is with the help of Manchin and Sinema. The Republicans have made clear there is no chance of compromise on this this issue. Watching Manchin and Sinema waiting for one is a sickening fool’s errand. The filibuster rule can be waived for voting legislation the same way it was waived for judicial appointments, by a simple majority vote. That cannot happen if Manchin and Sinema continue to vote to protect the Republican’s filibuster of voting rights as well as everything else except judicial appointments. The future of America’s democracy is at stake.

Wake up Senator Joe Manchin! Wake up Senator Krysten Sinema!

Let us all make sure they hear from us and soon. (addresses below)

317 Hart Senate Office Building
(202) 224-4521
Washington DC 20510

306 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-3954

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