We are fighting for a government that believes in truth and fairness for all.  We can make a difference by removing and replacing congressional Republicans with Democrats.



Women are entitled to equal pay and equal rights.  The other party opposes equal rights in the workplace and supports new intrusive restrictions on access to women’s healthcare.

Honesty, equal opportunity and tolerance are traditional values. The other party’s Platform makes “God-made law” the supreme law of the land.

The economy is driven by consumer demand. Workers who earn a livable wage can buy what factories produce. The other party’s platform says: “Private investment is a key driver of economic growth and job creation.” It isn’t. It just makes the 1% wealthier.

Taxes should be adequate to pay the government’s bills and be fair.  The other party favors lowering taxes on the rich, cutting social programs and turning over tax money for public education to private schools and churches via vouchers.

The right to vote is sacred.  The other party has shamelessly gerrymandered voting districts “with surgical precision” and imposed voting restrictions designed to suppress the turnout of minorities. This is racist and wrong.

War is not healthy for children and other living beings.  The other wants to cancel international peace agreements, build new nuclear weapons and increase troop levels.

Protecting the environment is important.  The other party plans to repeal the EPA and most of its requirements.  They say Global Warming is a hoax. We should respect science and act now to reduce pollution and carbon emissions from coal.

Government has a responsibility to protect the disabled and to promote safety for workers and fairness for consumers.  Fraud by banks and housing market investors   nearly destroyed our economy in 2007.  The other party platform calls for repealing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that protects consumers from fraud and the Dodd-Frank Act limiting fraud on Wall Street. Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Affordable health care is a human right. The other party plans to cut healthcare. They have no replacement and no plans to cut costs except by reducing benefits profiteering should be cut instead of cutting access to care.

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