The Bell is Tolling for America’s Democracy

We are running out of time for Joe Manchin, and Krysten Sinema to recognize their goal of trying to seek bi-partisan solutions is not shared by their Republican friends. The sound of one hand clapping is silence and failure to face reality. The Republicans are not negotiating in anything remotely like good faith. They continue to pedal the Big Lie …

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Can Our Democracy be Saved?

Save DemocracyThe answer is yes, provided everyone is permitted to vote. Voter suppression is the single greatest threat to our future as a democracy. I want to believe the hundred plus Republican members of Congress who swore to uphold the Constitution then voted against doing so, will stop parroting the “big lie” they know is false. Their own judges have told …

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Our Uncivil War by Jon Pearson

Prior to the Civil War, America called itself “these United States.” After the Civil War, America called itself “the United States” – the United States of America. It was only after six hundred and twenty-five thousand soldiers died and four million slaves were freed that America became one thing: a union and not simply a confederation of states. And it …

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NO to Senate Impeachment YES to Build Back Better

No one deserves to be impeached and convicted more than President Donald J. Trump, unless it is the thousands of his followers who stormed the Capitol last week, or the elected Republicans who swore to defend the Constitution and failed to do so, or the 75 million people who, after four years of openly dictatorial behavior, voted against Democracy.


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How to Save the Supreme Court and the Country

President Trump and Mitch McConnell appear bent on ramming through a hasty 11th hour lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. This naked power grab will do long term damage to the Court, our country and both parties.

We all know the court itself is badly divided and has been losing the respect of the public. Justice Ruth Bader …

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To Save Our Democracy We Must Elect Joe Biden

Non-violence in the face of truth led to the end of legal segregation in the South. I know because in 1960, I was a student at the University of Florida. Blacks were forbidden to attend. There were separate drinking fountains separate swimming pools. For most whites, allowing equal rights for blacks was frightening. Politicians told them equality would lead to …

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