VOTE in 2020, The Future of America Depends on You!

Our country is falling apart in bitter divisiveness. Our President’s behavior is an embarrassment even to his supporters. He seems to admire Russia, Putin, other dictators, and himself more than his own advisors. Our Government is barely functioning. People are dying.

In 2020, if we all vote and encourage our neighbors and friends to vote, we can make a difference.

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Read Letters from an American

In a daily email entitled “Letters from an American”, Historian Heather Cox Richardson is writing the history of the destruction of American democracy in real time. It is the first thing I read each morning. 

If Trump is re-elected our democracy will be gone permanently. We cannot let that happen.

This election, like the last one, is going to be

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Believe Your Own Eyes

All conspiracies depend on giving less credence to what is obvious in favor of a remote preferably hidden or secret explanation. The expression “if you hear hoof beats think horses rather than zebras” is appropriate for the latest virus origin story. It emanates not from someone wrapped in tinfoil but as usual from our President and his right-wing dissemblers. The …

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