It’s Time for Bernie and the Progressives to Join the Team

In 2016, Bernie Sanders and his supporters believed Hillary would beat Trump right up until she didn’t.  They bet the future of the country believing their continuing in the race promoting progressive ideas was a positive influence on the campaign, that attacking mainstream Democrats would strengthen the party, and sitting out the election on principle would not change the outcome.

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Accountability Not Impeachment

Forget about holding the current President accountable via impeachment. It is a dead-end street as anyone who can count the votes for conviction in the Senate knows. It is a monumental waste of resources. Yes, he is as incompetent, and corrupt. So is the Party he leads and still worships him. Get over it.

If you want change, let’s make

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Why We Democrats will Lose the Election in 2020

The short answer is Bernie Sanders. I love everything he says, just as fifty years ago, as a young college student, I loved George McGovern. They were both non-party hacks. Pied Piper candidates with a vision for our country that matches mine. Thus, irresistible and unelectable.

Politics is a grubby business. One full of conflict and compromise. Winning the Presidency

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The Problem with Politicians

Is the problem with politicians that they can’t be trusted to deliver what they promise? Or is it that we will only vote for those who promise us what we want to hear? We want to hear promises to solve complex problems with simple solutions—panaceas not unlike the miracle cures for over-eating and obesity with no exercise or dieting required.…

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Is “Medicare for All” the Democrats’ Big Beautiful Wall?

President Trump’s obsession with an outlandishly expensive physical barrier across the Southern United States has been ridiculed by those familiar with the facts because it doesn’t do much to solve the problems of interdicting drugs or people and there are so many more immediate, less expensive, sensible ways to improve border security. The same problems apply to the popularity of …

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McClintock and Grothman Join the Putin Team

On January 17th The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to maintain the sanctions on the Russian oligarch’s who are part of Putin’s gang of thieves. More than two-thirds of Republicans, 136 joined 226 Democrats in a bi-partisan vote of 362-53 opposing lifting these sanctions.

Why 53 Republicans sided with Putin and Russia against America is as hard to understand as

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Trump’s shut down is nothing more than the last gasp of a bully who won’t listen to the voices of reason in America even from those in his own cabinet. Billions of dollars for a concrete or steel wall that will take years to build is a monument not to border security but to ego and intransigence.

It is not …

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