A Trail of Broken Promises

We all knew candidate Trump was embarrassingly self-centered, ill-informed, and short-tempered but we thought as President he would stop tweeting and be Presidential.

He promised to improve health care, make taxes fairer to Main street not Wall street. He promised to create jobs.

Instead, he has stocked his cabinet with billionaires from Wall Street, called for tax cuts for them …

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We are Protesting – and it’s working!

It has a been a busy two days of protest since we arrived in Wisconsin where we will spend most of the summer. We arrived on Sunday April 30th at noon. That night both of us and a friend were in the front row of a Town Hall meeting with Congressman Glenn Grothman the conservative Republican who represents our District …

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Town Hall by Congressman Glenn Grothman

April 30, 2017 at 6pm we attended a Town Hall by Congressman Glenn Grothman, the Republican representing Oshkosh and Neenah, Wisconsin. Penny and I and a friend sat in the front row of the City Hall venue here with our 3″ buttons with the Logo plus I had a sign propped up with my feet saying “millionaires don’t need

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