Arming teachers and students for self protection

Dear Congressman McClintock,
Surely you can make a more intelligent response to the problem of law abiding citizens shooting children in school than the email you recently sent to Ms. Gregoire in Pilot Hill (set out below).  More guns and assault rifles and arming every citizen 24/7, apparently including children, will only make death by gunshot more common in the …

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“Hey, Hey NRA, How Many Kids were killed Today?”

Seventeen died yesterday at a Florida High School and fourteen more wounded. It took only two minutes for the legally purchased AR-15 to mow them down.

The NRA exalts the unrestricted right to buy military assault weapons designed not for hunting or self-defense but for attack. They say civilians regardless of mental status, history of abuse, lack of training, or …

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You Can Stay But We’re Deporting Your Parents?

Is this the Faustian bargain proposed by Stephen Miller and the “White” House?

All DACA did was defer deportation of children brought here when they were too young to knowingly violate the law until we could come up with something less cruel. The idea was to deport criminals first and innocent children last. The proposal to let them stay but …

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