You Can Stay But We’re Deporting Your Parents?

Is this the Faustian bargain proposed by Stephen Miller and the “White” House?

All DACA did was defer deportation of children brought here when they were too young to knowingly violate the law until we could come up with something less cruel. The idea was to deport criminals first and innocent children last. The proposal to let them stay but deport their parents is reminiscent of “Sophie’s Choice” at the gates of the concentration camp.

Fortunately, there is a bi-partisan group of Senators working on a sensible alternative that would allow a limited amnesty for those who have done nothing wrong to begin with, and a whole lot of things right. Things like getting an education, working, and paying taxes. Many of the citizens calling for their deportation aren’t doing any of the above. Without forgiveness, also known as “amnesty”, all sinners would be irrevocably condemned to hell. Is the crime of arriving without proper permission so heinous that the parole and a second chance we routinely provide to criminals who have served their sentence something to be forever denied to DACA kids and their parents? Is their crime of wanting a better life so unforgiveable that redemption for them can never be possible? It seems so.

No bill has been heard since 2013. That’s when a comprehensive, bi-partisan bill on immigration was hammered out in the Senate after much work. The House refused to hold a hearing or vote. Doing nothing continues to be their announced position on immigration reform. So here we are again, with kids being used as hostages. Last month it was the Children’s Health Insurance Program. (CHIP). This month it is DACA.

What we need is compromise not hostage taking. We need sensible reform, including a path to legal residency for people who have lived and worked here for decades. First solve DACA including the parents. Then tackle better inspections, visa reform and limits on chain migration.

The Great Wall didn’t work for China and won’t for us. Effective border security enforcement is what will make a difference in the future. Not deporting our friends and neighbors who support our economy and take care of our mothers. Let’s encourage dialogue and compromise.