1. RESIST those who would take American backwards
2. REGISTER more voters in districts that elected Republican Congressmen in 2016.
3. REMOVE AND REPLACE Republican Congressmen who don’t share our values.
4. EDUCATE voters to the reality that elections determine the party in power. It is less about individual candidates than the “team” they represent.

Our focus is on the grass roots level. We are willing to work with everyone to recruit voters committed to voting democratic in 2018.  We are also working to educate voters to the reality that elections are less about candidates than parties. Whether the candidate with a “D” after their name is a socialist, independent, progressive or democrat they will vote as a block 99% of the time.  Candidates with an “R” after their name vote as a block even though they may say they disagree with certain positions. The largest block – the majority – is the only one that counts as most recent votes in the House and Senate demonstrate. A voter who doesn’t like their party’s candidate enough to vote for them or doesn’t vote at all is effectively voting for the other party.