Tax Cuts for the Wealthy are Obscene

Dear Senator Johnson,

Once again, I am outside your office, standing on your front steps, with a sign. This one says: “Tax Cuts for the Wealthy are Obscene”.

That sums up the horror of the bill you are trying to make even worse than it already is. Taking money away from the current and future poor plus borrowing from your …

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We are Past the Point of Being Polite

We have lost a few friends recently who have said they proudly voted for Trump and don’t want to hear a dissenting view. We are experiencing a level of dishonesty —“hate is love” , “War is Peace” , ” Guns equal safety” that it cannot be cheerfully ignored.We are past the point of being polite in the presence of intolerance,

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Not One Penny More

The chicken has become a symbol of Trump’s unwillingness to release his tax returns.  Is he chicken?  November 18, 2017 was a Nation-wide protest against the Tax Bill.  Here in Wisconsin the protest began in Fond du Lac at the Veteran’s Park,  moved to Sun Dial Square in downtown Oshkosh; next to Houdini Square in Appleton and on to Green …

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We Support Jessica Holcombe

Jessica Holcombe is running for Congress to unseat Doug LaMalfa.

She is a business attorney from Auburn and an advocate for civil rights, affordable healthcare for all, and improving the lives of working families.

Jessica is the oldest of 7 kids from humble beginnings, but she received financial aid to attend Georgetown University. After graduating from college, she joined the …

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No to Tax Cuts and Deficits!

Note: If you like, you can use parts of this, or the whole thing to send a letter to the editor.

Don’t be fooled. What is being rushed through Congress using special procedures to avoid public debate is not tax reform. It is a giveaway funded by borrowing. It will increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion. Most of the money …

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