Tom McClintock’s telephone Town Hall Meeting

I listened in to Tom McClintock’s telephone Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday night and was in the cue to speak when he ran out of time. He was very candid and I left him a good audio message. He was unsure how he would vote saying he liked the business side of the tax bill but not the personal income tax provisions. He was especially unhappy about taking away the SALT deductions and about the increase in the deficit. I felt he was a little uncomfortable with the “explosive” growth that the tax concessions would unleash. However, he argued the point as a reason to vote for the bill.

Below is my email to him today.

“Good Town Hall meeting. Thanks for sticking up for your principles about the deficit and for the amendments you proposed that leadership did not accept. You were candid about bill’s defects. I fundamentally disagree that tax incentives for business will lead to jobs. I believe the market is over capitalized and mostly driven by consumer demand. Factories are built to meet demand not to absorb excess cash. That said, your NO vote was appreciated.”