The Problem with Politicians

Is the problem with politicians that they can’t be trusted to deliver what they promise? Or is it that we will only vote for those who promise us what we want to hear? We want to hear promises to solve complex problems with simple solutions—panaceas not unlike the miracle cures for over-eating and obesity with no exercise or dieting required.…

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Is “Medicare for All” the Democrats’ Big Beautiful Wall?

President Trump’s obsession with an outlandishly expensive physical barrier across the Southern United States has been ridiculed by those familiar with the facts because it doesn’t do much to solve the problems of interdicting drugs or people and there are so many more immediate, less expensive, sensible ways to improve border security. The same problems apply to the popularity of …

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McClintock and Grothman Join the Putin Team

On January 17th The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to maintain the sanctions on the Russian oligarch’s who are part of Putin’s gang of thieves. More than two-thirds of Republicans, 136 joined 226 Democrats in a bi-partisan vote of 362-53 opposing lifting these sanctions.

Why 53 Republicans sided with Putin and Russia against America is as hard to understand as

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Trump’s shut down is nothing more than the last gasp of a bully who won’t listen to the voices of reason in America even from those in his own cabinet. Billions of dollars for a concrete or steel wall that will take years to build is a monument not to border security but to ego and intransigence.

It is not …

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Wrestling with Pigs

When you wrestle with pigs you both get dirty, but the pig likes it.
Andrew Gillum, the Democratic candidate for Governor in Florida

How does one deal with a President and a political party whose culture is one of rampant lying?

Here we are in a Democracy on the eve of an important election (undoubtedly the most important election in …

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A Job Interview

Much of the focus and debate on the “he said she said” between Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh completely misunderstands the issue. Who is telling the truth and whether the assault occurred or didn’t occur is not the question before the Senate. As many have correctly observed this is not a trial on the charge of either person. This is …

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Our Values Are Our Future

Penny and I were part of the liberal over-reach in 1972 when we enthusiastically supported George McGovern. It would take twenty years and four Republican Presidents to climb back to the idealism and promise we voted for. Finally, because of a split in the Republican party, a liberal Democrat, Bill Clinton, was elected. For eight years the country moved forward …

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What America Needs

Honesty, truth, fair competition, work, compassion, love, humility

The passing of John McCain is a reminder that there is a way forward to America’s greatness. It is to renew our faith in the values that made us the most admired country in the world.

The foundation of a strong and just society is a commitment to honesty and truth. Fidelity …

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Supreme Court Pick

I should be excited about the all the outrage of opposition to Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court. My e-mail box is full of pleas from every organization. However, sad as it may be, I am not excited nor encouraged. My husband and I worked our hearts out in 2016 for Hillary and Democrats. We are doing so again this …

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