What Will Be Left After Four More Years?

At the end of WWII, German families were out of work and out of food. Their sons had been killed their daughters raped and their country divided into four occupied zones. But they still worshiped Hitler, the man who brought such ruin upon them. 

Today, 150,000 Americans have died. We are on our way to a quarter million by election day (1,000/day X 100 days= +100,000).

Forty million people are out of work. Children are out of school and likely to remain that way except on TV. Millions of renters are facing eviction and our military is packing its bags and retreating in Syria and Germany while Putin gloats. The president is too timid to even whimper about the Russian cash bounties offered the Taliban for the killing of our soldiers in Afghanistan.

Trump is not making America Great any more than Hitler made Germany Great. The swamp of corruption he promised to drain is deeper, the debt is higher, the new and better health care system promised was only a cruel joke. Four million more have lost their health care since his election and drug prices and profits are higher than ever.

Farmers have seen their foreign markets wrecked in the name of teaching China a lesson. They are winning, expanding South and West, gobbling up resources and making new trade deals while our economy is shrinking. Midwestern farmers are now dependent on billions in federal handouts to stay afloat financially. Still, farmers and unemployed workers, many of them his supporters, continue to worship a leader who lies, and exhorts them to rail against enemies real and imagined. Trump’s followers continue to line up to follow him to the gates of hell and beyond. In God’s name, Why? 

Worse than all the suffering by so many people in America these days is the partisan destruction of the machinery of our democracy.  Rampant undemocratic gerrymandering and ever-increasing assaults on the right to vote have been joined by false claims that voting by mail should be curbed. To ensure that, the President is moving to cripple the U.S. Postal Service. 

In three years, our country has come to be run by Executive orders issued at the whim of one man who loves only himself. Major agencies of government are administered by revolving door lackey’s serving as “acting” this or “acting” that. Federal troops occupy cities and policy is made via tweets, many obvious lies. The Senate under Mitch McConnell limits its work to praising the President, investigating the FBI and Biden, and rushing through rightwing judicial appointments. A once great nation has been brought to the brink of collapse. Can we survive six more months of this?

If we do not vote to change direction now, while we still have that right, what will be left after four more years?