It’s Not Just About Biden VS Trump

DemocratAmerica is in big trouble and it is not just about Trump. The partisan divide is about being stuck in hate and division vs. a different future for our country. It has infected our politics at every level right down to whether to care enough about others to wear a mask to end a deadly pandemic.

We need change. And not just at the top but from top to bottom—local, state, and national. To move past systemic racism, to confront climate change, to rebuild America’s infrastructure and restore its basic values, this has to be a “blue wave” election where voters stop tolerating hate and division and demand in its place truth and fairness at all levels of government. It must be an election that leads to ending restrictions on voting rights, ending partisan reapportionment, and recommitting our society to human rights, economic fairness, and equal opportunity. 

A new President is a start but much more is needed including a Senate willing to act and do so with integrity and courage. We must replace Mitch McConnell and those House and Senate members who have voted in lockstep with President Trump’s disastrous incompetence and daily defiling of basic human decency.

Change of the magnitude needed will require each of us contribute time, energy, and money to local races where they can matter in states like Maine, Iowa, Montana, Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan, and others. Biden’s coattails will help but Senate candidates who can win in November and flip the Senate decisively, need financial help, virtual phone banking, postcard writing and other support. We need to keep the pressure for change on in every state and local race that we can influence. Act Blue is just a click away. That is what Penny and I are doing with the limited resources we have. That is what we hope each of you are also doing. Together, we can make this a truly historic wave election overturning the existing mess and setting a course toward a more perfect union in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution we revere.

Together, we can do this. Together we must.