Trump’s shut down is nothing more than the last gasp of a bully who won’t listen to the voices of reason in America even from those in his own cabinet. Billions of dollars for a concrete or steel wall that will take years to build is a monument not to border security but to ego and intransigence.

It is not just the intransigence of Donald Trump. He’s more a puppet than a President. His strings are pulled by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, and Fox and Friends. They weren’t elected. They tell lies and they are bullies too.

The only way to stop bullies is to stand up to them until they back down. Our President is apparently willing to destroy the Republican party and the Nation rather than accept reality. Hopefully the Republicans will come to their senses and speak truth to power. They know this non-sense about a wall paid for by Mexico is pure theater and Trump’s shutdown is harmful.

After two years of erratic and chaotic rule, the American people voted for change and for truth and facts to replace lies and fantasy. One of the biggest fantasies in 2016 was that hordes of murders, rapists, and drug dealers were crossing the isolated deserts of the Southwest to rob and pillage America. It was and is a big lie rooted in naked racism.

In 2018, unlike 2016, the majority’s votes prevailed despite the leg-up the Constitution gives to red state voters. In 2018, the majority overcame that plus gerrymandered districts and voting restrictions enacted by Republicans to undermine democracy at the ballot box. An overwhelming majority of Americans voted for a course correction, not a shutdown. The result was new House of Representatives.

The great wall of China is a monument to the failure of stone walls to prevent people from crossing a border. After World War One, the French spent a fortune on concrete and steel for border security. Germany used mobility to blow past it without attacking any part of it. Those walls, like the Berlin wall are now tourist attractions. If built, this one will be too; yet another expensive monument to human stupidity.

Enough of the fantasy about a wall paid for by Mexico or taxpayers. It is time to re-open the government and take care of the people who live here.