What’s the Dog’s Plan When He Catches the Car?

The Dog doesn’t have a plan.

Unfortunately, neither do the Republicans when it comes to governing the country. Like a dog barking and chasing a car, they spent eight years criticizing everything others tried to do without ever having a plan of their own. They know how to bark but not how to govern. To date their major achievements have been trying to take health care away from 20 million people and now trying to give a huge tax cut for the wealthy that will make the deficit worse.

The Republicans have done nothing to fix the infrastructure, balance the budget, improve education, or create jobs.

After nearly a year in office, normally the most productive year of a new Presidency, they and the President haven’t accomplished a single thing worthy of mention. We have seen over the past year what an empty slogan “Repeal and Replace” was. After years of attacking, they had no plan whatsoever. Worse they didn’t want to do the work of coming up with one. No hearings were held nor was there any effort made to discuss workable alternatives.

The same is true of “Make America Great Again”. There is no plan. Playing golf, every weekend and tweeting insults is not going to make us great again. We are stuck with the President we have until 2020. However, we don’t have to put up with two more years of a do-nothing Congress. They aren’t working. It is time to replace them with new people who will do the job instead of blaming others while everything gets worse.

Like dogs who chase cars, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and Steve Bannon and their Republican minions will continue to bark and rant. They have no solutions except sowing chaos. There is no help there. They just make noise. We need to elect new people to Congress who will roll up their sleeves, listen to science, show some common sense, and start working together to solve problems.

It is time for change. It is time for new blood. In 2018, we need to elect doers not whiners.

That is why I am voting for those with a “D” after their name in 2018. I have seen the performance of those with an “R” after their name. We need a Congress that wants to stop the destruction and blaming and start rebuilding America. Vote in 2018 and vote “D”. That’s what is needed.