We are Protesting – and it’s working!

It has a been a busy two days of protest since we arrived in Wisconsin where we will spend most of the summer. We arrived on Sunday April 30th at noon. That night both of us and a friend were in the front row of a Town Hall meeting with Congressman Glenn Grothman the conservative Republican who represents our District here. The crowd was hostile and loud. He gave better answers than McClintock but still basically those of the Republican playbook. He was booed often especially on Planned Parenthood, immigration and the tax cuts for the rich. Jerry asked the question about the tax cuts and whether he would promise not to allow the deficit to grow as a result. A number of people came up to us afterwards and took copies of the website information and the cards on how to Make a Difference in 2018. A detailed report of the Town Hall appeared on the front page of Monday’s morning paper with a picture of Jerry asking the question.

Jerry makes front page news – CLICK HERE!

On Tuesday at noon we were part of a protest in front of Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson who has refused to hold a Town Hall or meet with Constituents. (Check out pictures in our gallery of the protest.) It was filmed by NBC local news and Jerry was interviewed on camera. Thursday we are protesting in Green Bay Wisconsin against the Planned Parenthood cuts proposed for next year’s budget.

As you all know, everyone’s efforts are paying off. The budget bill just passed to fund the rest of this year includes restoring the cuts the Republicans proposed to cut this year from Public Radio, the Arts, and Planned Parenthood, plus a $2B augmentation the budget for NIH research and continued funding of Obamacare.

The Billboard in La Malfa’s District is up and plans for #2 and #3 are in the works. Pictures to follow.

We will keep everyone up-to-date on the fight here and trust all in California will keep up the fight there until we return.

Best to all
Jerry and Penny