VOTE in 2020, The Future of America Depends on You!

Our country is falling apart in bitter divisiveness. Our President’s behavior is an embarrassment even to his supporters. He seems to admire Russia, Putin, other dictators, and himself more than his own advisors. Our Government is barely functioning. People are dying.

In 2020, if we all vote and encourage our neighbors and friends to vote, we can make a difference. If we vote for leaders at every level who have proven they will fight for America’s core values of equal rights, honesty, integrity, and freedom for all, we will move America forward. And if we all vote for candidates with these qualities and close our ears to hate speech and negative ads, we can make America a place where our children and the grandchildren have a future.

If we all vote to move forward on healthcare and to respect others, America will be a better place. Targeting women’s health care and gays and minorities for special restrictions is wrong. It must end. If we want a more positive approach to elections, let’s vote for that. Fair elections and the right to vote are the foundation of our democracy. We cannot allow one party to continue to make it harder for people to vote by requiring photo IDs and restricting the places and hours polls are open and trying to prohibit voting by mail. 

If we vote, and we encourage others to vote for candidates, local, state, and national, who have demonstrated by their past actions that they value equal rights, fairness and honesty, then we can have the changes we need, not just at the top but at all levels of government and society. 

Every vote will matter in 2020. We stand at a crossroads in history. Voting and how we vote will determine the future of an America, once admired by the world over for its openness and fairness, for its racial equality and freedom of religion. Our democracy may not survive another four years like the last four. Let’s not let this happen.

Make your children and grandchildren proud of you. Fight for a better future for them. Vote!  They’re depending on you.

Jerry Scribner Memorial Day 2020