The Winning Team is more than the President and VP

In 2020, America will be choosing more than a President and some new Senators. The election will bring in a whole new team. In politics, as in sports, success comes not from the captain or one player. Success comes from having a good team with balance and skilled players at every position. It won’t be just Biden and his VP vs Trump and Pence. The Democrats will take the field with a team of all-stars, most of them seasoned veterans.

In contrast, the Republicans will be offering a team of one. The same go-it-alone ‘very stable genius’, i.e the same newbie we have watched flounder since 2016. All the other players on his team except Vice-President Pence, who can’t be fired, are newbies too. They are minor league “temps” he shuffles like dominoes. After briefly serving in an “acting” capacity they are fired and exit stage right. It’s no wonder things are falling apart.

With Biden as President, imagine what voting rights, prison reform, and civil rights enforcement will be like if Stacey Abrams is our next AG or if instead it is Elizabeth Warren or Amy Klobuchar, or Val Demings of Florida. They each will be doing all the above and going after fraud and anti-competitive corporate mergers as well.  The Attorney General is one of the most powerful semi-independent office holders in the Nation. 

Agencies from Agriculture and Education to Health, EPA, and Energy will be headed by some of the outstanding candidates for President we saw in the debates. Folks like Senator Michael Bennet, Denver Colorado’s former superintendent of Education, and Andrew Yang, a possible Secretary of Energy, and Cory Booker who understands housing at HUD, Beto O’Rourke who could head up Homeland Security and clean up the mess there.  Pete Buttigieg could serve our veterans at Veterans Affairs or in another position. Bernie Sanders could serve as head of the FDA reforming prescription drugs or at Health. There is talent everywhere you look on the Democratic team.

We desperately need stability, decency and competence in Washington, both in the Executive branch and in the Senate. Biden won’t be a one-man band running the country by tweet and insult. He will bring a talented crew willing and capable of making the major changes needed to put the country back on its feet and move us forward.

That’s why I will be voting in 2020 and looking forward to a brighter future for America than what we have seen these past four years.