Good Paying Jobs Here in America

The Democratic Party needs a coherent message if it expects to win elections.

That message must speak to what we need in America.

What we need are more good paying jobs. The best anti-poverty program is a good paying job. The best family friendly policy is a good paying job. Vibrant communities are built on families having enough income to put a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Good paying jobs won’t come from giving millions of dollars to the wealthy to use for corporate buy-outs and overseas factories. It never has and never will. It will only come from rebuilding our infrastructure including our roads, schools and electrical grid. You can’t import that. It has to be built here by American workers.

Look around! Our roads are a mess, our electrical grid is falling down, our K-12 Public education system, and technical training colleges are failing to educate and train the next generation for the challenges ahead. More tax breaks, corporate buyouts and hedge fund trades won’t change that. A change in federal priorities is what is required to put American workers back to work with good jobs.

The Democratic Party has always supported the people who do the work in America.

It is men and women paving the roads, driving the trucks, building the schools, teaching the children, and producing that provide the abundance. The future will not come from subsidizing the pampered elite but instead from re-energizing the base. That base is built on good jobs with fair wages not corporate mergers, downsizing and part-time work with no benefits.

The Democratic party stands for good jobs, good schools, good health care, strong families, freedom and opportunity for those willing to work. That’s what we have always stood for and always will. Let’s send people to Washington who will put Americans back to work.

Vote “D” in 2018.