All those letters and telephone calls did and do make a difference!.

The Republicans belatedly realized that their plan to take away health care from 24 million people was not just cruel and stupid but might just cause quite a few to lose their seats in 2018. Fear is a great motivator in politics. We need to keep it up. Their next big plan for America is to find a way to give away a trillion dollars to the super rich via a big fat tax cut. And their march backwards on Climate change, environmental protection, worker protection and equal education continues at full speed. Everyday more damage is done. If we want a future for our children and grandchildren, we have to stop them now. And we need to remove and replace as many as possible in 2018.
Since our “huddle” on March 11th much has happened.  We have a new website—google it at — democraticvotes.net.  See our new logo which will look very good on other media.  A huge thank you needs to go to Kasey McKnight who helped design the Logo and put together the Website singlehandedly. She is a supporter and has done all this as a donation.

Also thanks to those of you who have contributed money to the billboard project.  We raised enough to fund billboards for three months beginning in May, on Highway 99 in Republican Congressman La Malfa’s District.  We hope to keep this going beyond the first three if we feel it is helping. These cost $400/month.  Contributions are welcome.

We had hoped to start with the first Billboard around tax time in April. But the graphic artists are still finalizing the art work. The first one will be critical of the proposed tax cuts for the rich with a message something like – DO BILLIONAIRES NEED A 14% TAX CUT? OR SHOULD WE FIX OUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM FIRST? All will feature the logo and a focus on voting for democrats “D” in 2018.

Finally, some of you are in Wisconsin and other parts of the country. The website focuses primarily on Northern California Districts and includes the latest information on what is happening. However, Penny is registered to vote in Wisconsin. We are working there too and with friends in other Districts.

Please note the “RIPPLE” effect and participate by doing the same to the extent you can.

Jerry and Penny