A Trail of Broken Promises

We all knew candidate Trump was embarrassingly self-centered, ill-informed, and short-tempered but we thought as President he would stop tweeting and be Presidential.

He promised to improve health care, make taxes fairer to Main street not Wall street. He promised to create jobs.

Instead, he has stocked his cabinet with billionaires from Wall Street, called for tax cuts for them and himself, and issued dozens of the kinds of executive orders that dictators use in lieu of democracy. Many of these are designed to make our air and water dirtier not cleaner. The promises of a better less expensive health care system is on track to be one that doctors, hospitals, and patients all say is worse than what we have now. High priced drugs will continue along with run-away opioid addiction.

He claimed he stood for something when he ran but now he says he “stands for nothing”. That may be the most honest thing he has said.

It is easy to shake things up in Washington but so far what we are seeing is a shakedown of everyone but the very rich. Elections matter. Historically, 2016 may turn out to be the one our children will look back on and ask themselves “what were they thinking?”

Jerry Scribner