A Democratic Strategy

An open letter to Democratic Strategists—JUNE 2017

An article in the June 5th edition of the NY Times describes how Democrats are coalescing around new directions. Every one of them involves taxpayer funded freebies. The common denominator was “free” as in free college tuition and free childcare and free income support of $250 per child. Work was never mentioned. Nor was there any mention of the word “Fair”.

To win in 2018 and 2020, we need to focus our message not on giveaways but on three words: “Work”, “Fair”, and “Vote”.

We Democrats have always believed in work and supporting workers and the middle class. The best family friendly policy, the best income support policy, and the best community revitalization policy all come down to one word—a job.

We should champion work for all who want to work. We were able to work our way through college because of a federally funded “work-study” job. America was partly lifted out of the depression by putting people to work. Our infrastructure is crumbling and we need more jobs than private industry can provide. Our party should be for rebuilding America’s values including our commitment to work and to jobs. Bring back the CCC and WPA. Putting “earned” income in the pockets of people will stimulate the economy and lift-up families.

We also need to emphasize the word “Fair”. We are not for more taxes or less taxes just “fair” taxes. Business practices should be fair to consumers and the marketplace should be fair to all competitors, not rigged. We are for a hand up not a hand out. Government should not tolerate cheating; not on Wall Street, nor on defense contracts, nor by doctors and hospitals on Medicare. Unfair business practices are nothing but a form of theft from working Americans. Workers deserve fair wages and fair working conditions.

Finally, we must educate our voters to recognize that voting in every election matters. We will always be a majority on paper and a minority at the polls if we continue to vote only for the perfect candidate. Candidates matter, of course, but we live in a two-party system. Once elected, candidates vote with their party. The “D” or “R” after the candidate’s name means more than anything they or their TV ad says. It speaks to the values that will determine our Nation’s future. The “D” stands for honesty, work, and fairness.

Attached is a voter education card, my wife and I developed and a logo that emphasizes these points. (download card here)

Please give them serious consideration as we move toward 2018 and 2020.

Jerry and Penny Scribner