It’s Time to Stop the Insanity

The Republican party has failed America. Their President is a hopeless incompetent. Their Senators refuse to stand up to him and to hear bills passed by the House. Their only constituent is “El Presidente”. Meanwhile, the future of the American people and of American democracy hangs in the balance. Neither will endure unless in November we vote out of office those who have done so little and damaged so much. We must stop the insanity. 

Ronald Reagan claimed “Government isn’t the solution. Government is the problem.” We are now experiencing the Republican equivalent of the New Deal. In other words, no government. It’s not a pretty sight. Neither the President nor Republican state governors and legislators appear to have any meaningful plan for responding to the crisis at hand.

The relentless attacks on government inspired by Reagan and religiously promoted by Fox News and talk radio have produced a generation of leaders elected on promises to reverse Obamacare, women’s rights, and environmental protections, and to starve government by cutting taxes. 

Sadly, the TV sets are still tuned to blame and division in the heartland of boarded up businesses and vacant factories, while the social safety net frays under systematic budget cuts and just plain meanness.

Republican leaders in the House and Senate have endorsed every Trump lie and voted for tax breaks for the wealthy and massive deficits to create the illusion of growth. We haven’t seen such gross inequality since the great depression.  They have no answers for the coronavirus except blaming China and the U.N., plus shoveling more tax money to business. There is a better answer.

And at every level of government, we need to return to common sense, common decency, attention to science and a recognition that government must serve the people not just the stock market and one party’s goal of plowing up the commons for profit.