We are Protesting – and it’s working!

It has a been a busy two days of protest since we arrived in Wisconsin where we will spend most of the summer. We arrived on Sunday April 30th at noon. That night both of us and a friend were in the front row of a Town Hall meeting with Congressman Glenn Grothman the conservative Republican who represents our District …

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Town Hall by Congressman Glenn Grothman

April 30, 2017 at 6pm we attended a Town Hall by Congressman Glenn Grothman, the Republican representing Oshkosh and Neenah, Wisconsin. Penny and I and a friend sat in the front row of the City Hall venue here with our 3″ buttons with the Logo plus I had a sign propped up with my feet saying “millionaires don’t need

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Non-Violence and Organizing for Social Change

On April 2nd Penny attended an all-day workshop on “Non-Violence and Organizing for Social Change”.

This was a powerful workshop that provided a wealth of information about how to create a movement. Some topics discussed and contained in the handouts were;
Models of Power, The Three Laws of Political and Social Control, 5 Books for Organizing, Reference List,
Possible Actions …

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This is what Democracy looks like.

Here is what we have accomplished so far:

We created two-sided cards stating “Make a Difference in 2018—Start Now” and Democrats Believe in These Principles” Printed and mailed 500.  Other groups are asking to use them.

January: 16th Successful Martin Luther King

January 21st  Women’s March is the largest march in Sacramento history and in Washington D.C. in U.S. History..…

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