President Ends Election Integrity Commission After Continued Pressure

Yesterday, President Trump decided to disband his Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. As you may know, LDF filed suit against the President and the Commission last summer on the grounds that it was formed to discriminate against African American and Latino voters. The Commission was also subject to seven other lawsuits challenging its lack of transparency and various violations …

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We are Past the Point of Being Polite

We have lost a few friends recently who have said they proudly voted for Trump and don’t want to hear a dissenting view. We are experiencing a level of dishonesty —“hate is love” , “War is Peace” , ” Guns equal safety” that it cannot be cheerfully ignored.We are past the point of being polite in the presence of intolerance,

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Not One Penny More

The chicken has become a symbol of Trump’s unwillingness to release his tax returns.  Is he chicken?  November 18, 2017 was a Nation-wide protest against the Tax Bill.  Here in Wisconsin the protest began in Fond du Lac at the Veteran’s Park,  moved to Sun Dial Square in downtown Oshkosh; next to Houdini Square in Appleton and on to Green …

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I’m the Chico Voice

Until Jerry and Penny come back to the area, I’ll be trying to get more involved in Democratic events and relay what I discover. I’m new to this activism, been fairly comfortable just letting things happen – but no more! What is in our White House now is horrific! Every belief I have is being trampled on and ridiculed all …

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Good Paying Jobs Here in America

The Democratic Party needs a coherent message if it expects to win elections.

That message must speak to what we need in America.

What we need are more good paying jobs. The best anti-poverty program is a good paying job. The best family friendly policy is a good paying job. Vibrant communities are built on families having enough income to …

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Meet and Greet for Josh Kaul

Sunday, September 10, 2017 Penny and Jerry Scribner hosted a Meet and Greet for Josh Kaul, Democratic candidate for Wisconsin’s Attorney General, at their home in Neenah. It was a lovely early, fall afternoon as over forty neighbors, friends, and active Democrats gathered to listen to Josh speak about his commitment to keeping families and communities safe and protecting the …

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