A Democratic Strategy

An open letter to Democratic Strategists—JUNE 2017

An article in the June 5th edition of the NY Times describes how Democrats are coalescing around new directions. Every one of them involves taxpayer funded freebies. The common denominator was “free” as in free college tuition and free childcare and free income support of $250 per child. Work was never mentioned. Nor …

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What a potential Democratic Presidential Candidate Should be Saying

by Ken Malovos

“I run for President as a proud Democrat. I come from the long tradition of the party that brought America Social Security, stock market regulation and jobs during the depression, freedom and peace at the end of two World Wars, Medicare, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, nuclear disarmament treaties, a man on the moon …

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A Trail of Broken Promises

We all knew candidate Trump was embarrassingly self-centered, ill-informed, and short-tempered but we thought as President he would stop tweeting and be Presidential.

He promised to improve health care, make taxes fairer to Main street not Wall street. He promised to create jobs.

Instead, he has stocked his cabinet with billionaires from Wall Street, called for tax cuts for them …

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Non-Violence and Organizing for Social Change

On April 2nd Penny attended an all-day workshop on “Non-Violence and Organizing for Social Change”.

This was a powerful workshop that provided a wealth of information about how to create a movement. Some topics discussed and contained in the handouts were;
Models of Power, The Three Laws of Political and Social Control, 5 Books for Organizing, Reference List,
Possible Actions …

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