Looking Back

The level of racism and sexism still present in America is disheartening. But in this time of despair, take a moment to look back. Much has changed in just one lifetime.

In 1960, when I entered college at the University of Florida, blacks were not allowed to enroll there or at any of the other major state universities across the …

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The Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News turned the Republican Party of Eisenhower into one built entirely on negativity. If President Obama or any Democrat had walked on water their headline would have been “Look he can’t even swim”. Now, instead of focusing on trying to solve real problems like unaffordable healthcare, crumbling infrastructure, Wall street fraud, and growing …

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How far reaching the Koch Brothers/Republican plan is.

This is a long document, but a really, really good read. Stay informed!


How the Republican-Right Controls American Politics
What Must Be Done to Create a Healthy Democracy

The Republican-Right’s Path to Power
originally presented at
Washington, D.C. • …

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“The next time someone says – I don’t like politics, your answer can be, well, good thing that Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton (an immigrant), John Adams, Ben Franklin and others were into politics, otherwise, you would be saluting the British Union Jack, eating fish and chips and working on the 4th of July.” — Democratic campaign advisor Bob

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My Mother’s Story

Folks from surrounding towns and counties came to the steps of Senator Ron Johnson’s Oshkosh office yesterday to make a statement about the Senate’s health care bill. There were two television stations there and several interviews.

The Better Care Reconciliation Act isn’t Better. It will hurt the elderly on Medicare. 20% of Medicare recipients are “dual eligibles”. Many are the …

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Why Our Healthcare System Must Change

The American Healthcare system is sick. The fundamental reason is that there is no competition. Staying alive is not something a buyer can choose to forego. You don’t have to buy a car if it is too expensive or you can buy a cheaper, smaller one, or a used one. The same is true of a television, furniture, a house …

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Dan Kohl … our next Congressman – Hopefully!

A business executive and non-profit leader has announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination in Wisconsin’s sixth congressional district.

Kohl released the following statement:
“I’m 51 years old and I cannot remember a time when people in this country were so anxious about the present and so concerned about their futures and their children’s future. I’m running for Congress because …

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A Democratic Strategy

An open letter to Democratic Strategists—JUNE 2017

An article in the June 5th edition of the NY Times describes how Democrats are coalescing around new directions. Every one of them involves taxpayer funded freebies. The common denominator was “free” as in free college tuition and free childcare and free income support of $250 per child. Work was never mentioned. Nor …

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What a potential Democratic Presidential Candidate Should be Saying

by Ken Malovos

“I run for President as a proud Democrat. I come from the long tradition of the party that brought America Social Security, stock market regulation and jobs during the depression, freedom and peace at the end of two World Wars, Medicare, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, nuclear disarmament treaties, a man on the moon …

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