You Can Stay But We’re Deporting Your Parents?

Is this the Faustian bargain proposed by Stephen Miller and the “White” House?

All DACA did was defer deportation of children brought here when they were too young to knowingly violate the law until we could come up with something less cruel. The idea was to deport criminals first and innocent children last. The proposal to let them stay but …

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The Carrot and the Stick

This is written by “The Sierra Revolution” from Indivisible in Auburn.

The recently passed 1.5 trillion-dollar tax giveaway was presented as necessary to incentivize business to create jobs. In contrast, the Trump/Republican approach to the poor is punitive—taking away one of life’s most essential needs—healthcare, as a disincentive if they don’t work.
This harsh approach to the poor is being …

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A Response to Tom McClintock’s 2017 Update

SIERRA NEVADA REVOLUTION is an online media platform for politically conscious pragmatists within California’s 4th Congressional District. Through its various online outlets, SNR has established itself as the voice of the “radical middle,” sharing news, stories, and insights relating to the district.

Dear Tom,

So, this 4-page mailer of yours showed up in our mailbox today. It’s positioned as a …

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Those of us writing letters and making telephone calls and marching, can’t write a check like the Koch Brothers for $100 million or like some Republican donors, one for $100,000. But we are millions of individuals and we do have some money. Bernie Sanders raised over $209 million dollars from seven million donors. Many had less money than most of …

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The Rise and Fall of the Middle Class

As children born in 1942 and 1943, in the darkest days of WWII, we have lived as America rose from the depths of the Great Depression to create a country with a Middle Class like no other the world has ever seen. One where factory workers had health care and pensions, could send their children to public colleges equal to …

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They say when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. The U.S. Treasury is in a massive hole. It is the mega trillion-dollar deficit. This is the sort of thing that crashed the economy in Brazil and Venezuela. It is the problem in Puerto Rico where borrowing has outstripped the ability to pay it back.

The Republicans under President …

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Tax Cuts for the Wealthy are Obscene

Dear Senator Johnson,

Once again, I am outside your office, standing on your front steps, with a sign. This one says: “Tax Cuts for the Wealthy are Obscene”.

That sums up the horror of the bill you are trying to make even worse than it already is. Taking money away from the current and future poor plus borrowing from your …

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